Great America Goes Old School With New Coaster

One of the most famous wooden roller coasters in the country is over the Summit at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

The new San Francisco 49ers stadium is not the only thing under construction in Santa Clara these days.

49er neighbor Great America announced Wednesday it will debut its eighth roller coaster.

The coaster, named "Gold Striker," is being built in what will be the shadows of the stadium. Great America went old school with this ride which will be made of wood and have both the look and feel of classic coasters.

It is also guaranteed to bring two minutes of thrill to those on board.
The roller coaster will stand 108 feet high and have a 103 foot 50-degree drop at speeds at 54 miles per hour.

"Gold Striker reflects our commitment to providing our guests with the best thrills and entertainment value in the region," California's Great America General Manager Raul Rehnborg said in a statement. 

"This ride was uniquely designed by melding together the highest performing and most exciting features of the very best wooden roller coasters in the world."

Below is a virtual ride. You can hop on the real thing next year.

The 49ers Foundation is going to get a big donation following the first ride on the Gold Striker.

That's because Great America is auctioning off the first ride. The highest bidders will get the first thrill and the money will go to the foundation.

The San Francisco 49ers Foundation is the non-profit community funding extension of the team. It supports development programs for underserved youth that keep them “Safe, On Track, and in School."

The San Francisco 49ers promote respect for schools and community by donating a significant portion of the foundation’s funding toward family violence prevention programs and activities that teach youth leadership and respect. Since 1992, the Foundation has donated over $18 million to support non-profits, including $2.4 million in 2011.

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