Great Pumpkin (Seed) Caper

O Seeds Where Art Thou

Look for the giant pumpkin patch about a year from now.

Thousands of dollars' worth of pumpkin seeds were pilfered directly from the source on Sunday when a person or persons unknown cut a hole into a 1,400-pound pumpkin at MarketBar at the San Francisco Ferry Building.

An enterprising thief cut an eight-inch hole into the gigantic gourd, removing the seeds. Four seeds were rescued -- but since the pumpkin is the product of a talented Napa Valley grower, who won the Half Moon Bay festival with a second, 1,700-pound pumpkin, these seeds are hot commodities.

The heist was "rather carefully done," said MarketBar owner Doug Biederbeck in comments to KGO News. "So we're taking it as industrial espionage."

Anyone with a neighbor mysteriously growing huge pumpkins next year should be deeply suspicious.

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