Green Day Plays Surprise SF Show

Bay Area rockers shock everyone

Chances are if you blinked you missed it. Hell, chances are if you breathed, flinched, shuffled or flat out weren't sleeping on the dirty streets of the Western Addition you missed the surprise Green Day show.

Green Day Plays SF City Hall

The Bay Area-based mega punk rock stars surprised just about everyone but themselves and a few lucky fans who saw the band play the Independent in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

Only about 500 people were able to get their grubby hands on the $20 tickets that were announced just hours before the band took the stage.

The East Bay rockers were trying out their new material at the show. They played most of their new album "21st Century Breakdown," classic hits such as "Welcome to Paradise," and "Minority," amongst others, according to our friend geekstinkbreath at Flickr.

Green Day has been known to do surprise gigs in the Bay Area to try material. So for those who missed it, maybe they will play another April Fool's show for all of us.

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