Green Day Surprises Everyone Again

East Bay punk rockers play DNA Lounge

 Green Day did it again and they plan to do it a few times more but no one really knows when and where.

The East Bay punk rockers played another surprise gig Thursday night at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. This follows their Tuesday night performance at the Independent in the city that caught everyone off guard.

Green Day - Viva La Gloria at the DNA Lounge

Now everyone from Live 105 to The New York Times is talking about when the American Idiots themselves will play another surprise show in their back yard.

"We are playing our album from front to back — the new one," front man Billie Joe Armstrong told the crowd, according to our friends at the Oakland Tribune.

Green Day Live at the Indy

The band again played their entire new album, “21st Century Breakdown,” at the 500 person gig. The New York Times said the band booked the DNA Lounge just on Wednesday and let their fans know just hours before the show that they would be playing the intimate club. Tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

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And apparently it was quite the show. With 8-year-olds stage diving and a random girl being pulled on stage to sing with the boys. Lead singer Billie Joe was even taking requests. If you missed both the Tuesday and Thursday nights shows don't worry. Rumor has it that Green Day will be playing not just one but a few more surprise shows across the Bay Area, just to try out their new album.

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