‘Third Parties’ Invade The Bay Area

Getty Images

With the presidential campaign nearing its end, third-party candidates are hoping to make a difference with voters.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein will make several stops here in the Bay Area. Former Republican governor of New Mexico,  turned-Libertarian, Gary Johnson will stop by U.C. Berkeley today. Although polls show President Barack Obama likely to win California, Stein is hoping to sway voters who are fed up with the current two-party system.

Johnson is hoping to attract voters who want more social change, but are still fiscally conservative. A recent Gallup poll showed nearly half of all Americans say a third political party is needed, but actions speak louder than words. There hasn't been much movement to bring a thjrd party to the mainstream.

Stein will first visit Sonoma State University this afternoon. Then she will head off to Napa Valley College, before making a final stop at a church in Palo Alto. Both Stein and Johnson have much work to do if they want to gain voters.   

Recent polls show both candidates receiving only 1 percent of the total national vote.

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