Group Rallies to Get El Sobrante Homeowner to Remove Swastika From Yard

Protesters gathered in El Sobrante to once again demand that a neighbor remove what looks like a massive Swastika from his driveway.

The rally held Thursday comes after the resident denied it is a symbol of hate and repeatedly refused to remove it.

"I don't hate anybody," homeowner Steve Johnson said. "And I'm not racist."

Johnson said he is a proud American who decided to decorate the concrete landscaping in his yard with what he calls a Tibetan symbol as a way to stop weeds in his driveway.

Johnson added he is tired of news helicopters flying over his house to get video of the yard and is now covering it up.

A group called "Not In Our Town El Sobrante" is demanding that Johnson remove the Swastika immediately.

The group's petition to get rid of it has now been signed by almost 15,000 people online.

Johnson late Thursday said he may remove the Swastika from his yard, but on one condition.

"I'm not going to let them do it. I'll take it out myself," Johnson said. "But sure, they substantially give me the money that it cost me to put in, and maybe a little bit more for my effort, I'll take it out. Everything's for sale."

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