Groupon Shows Google May Not Have Been Crazy After All

Groupon may not be crazy for turning down Google's billions after all.

The Chicago-based startup gave more credence to reports that the Silicon Valley giant was offering upwards of $6 billion to take it over by filing an updated Certificate of Incorporation that authorized a Series G funding round up to $950 million.

The filing puts the valuation of the group discount site at somewhere around $4.75 billion. That is right in the range of what Google was rumored to be offering the company before a $1 billion pay out demand to protect Groupon from the wrath of the US Justice Department reportedly killed the deal.

The filing does not mean that Groupon will collect $950 million, it just gives the company the ability to raise that amount. If the company was able to secure the full amount, it would be the largest startup solicitation since Pixar went after $500 million in 1995.

Groupon is an attractive buy for investors. The startup is already generating more than $50 million a month in revenue. It also has been previously  valued at over $1 billion.

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