How do follow up the creation of video game that sold millions of copies, was made fun of on "South Park," has a race car driver sporting your logo and completely changed the gaming industry? Apparently you do it all over again, just with a slight twist.

Guitar Hero fans get ready. News is out about what is coming next from the the franchise that put a plastic guitar, with buttons, in your hands allowing you to do your best Slash impersonation.

Kai Huang, the president of Red Octane, which first published Guitar Hero in 2005, and one of the inventors of the game, told our friends at Press Here that DJ Hero will be the next release from the company.

"Being in music games, Guitar Hero has introduced rock to groups of people who never thought they loved rock," he said. "So our next step is to introduce people to another genre they never thought they loved."

The new game will try to bring hip hop and rap music into the homes of millions, who have been living in a closet apparently. The game will replace the plastic guitar with a digital turn table. Sweet.

Check out the clip to hear Huang talking about the game or check out Press Here's Web site for the full show.  You can also download the show from iTunes.

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