Gunman Grabs ER Worker at Oakland Children's Hospital

The overnight shift at Oakland Children's Hospital turned into a police scene after a man stormed the emergency room, started waving a gun and briefly took an employee hostage.

Police say the man went into the ER at about 3:15 a.m. and a few minutes later, he pulled out a handgun and grabbed a woman who works there. Cops showed up and were able to get the situation under control in under 10 minutes.

Witnesses say the man yelled "I give up!" and "Don't shoot me!" several times at the cops just before they arrested him.

Nursing supervisor Nancy Shibata said the man appeared impaired and disoriented. The reason for his bizarre behavior is still unknown. Witnesses said he was walking around outside for a few minutes before he went into the ER.

The disruption was confined to the ER Most everyone we talked to at the hospital was unaware of the incident. Nobody was hurt but employees were pretty rattled and some of them went home early.

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