Gypsy Taub, Naked Activist, Plans Nude Wedding on Steps of San Francisco City Hall

Gypsy Taub is at it again. Being naked, that is.

Haven't had enough of Gypsy Taub, the naked activist of San Francisco?

Then take a peek at her -- all of her, as usual -- on Thursday, when Taub plans a naked wedding on the steps of City Hall.

Taub, who disrobed on Tuesday afternoon inside City Hall in protest of San Francisco's recently-enacted ban on public nudity (she was covered in blanket and removed "like she always" is, according to SFist), will exchange vows with her lover, Jaymz Smith, on the steps of City Hall, according to multiple reports.

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Taub, 44, a native of Russia who lives with Smith and her children in Berkeley, has been on a one-woman crusade against San Francisco's nudity ban.

She told wire services that she "fully expects" to be arrested for disrobing -- but is unsure if it'll happen before the union is official.

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