Hackers Move on From Careers, Love, Target Music

Last.fm says its users' passwords have been compromised.

First hackers went after our careers, then our love life and now they are after our music. They have gone too far.

Less than 24 hours after LinkedIn and Match.com confirmed that some of its users' passwords had been stolen, music-streaming service Last.fm announced that some its users' passwords had been hacked as well.

"We are currently investigating the leak of some Last.fm user passwords," Last.fm said in a blog post Thursday. "This follows recent password leaks on other sites, as well as information posted online. As a precautionary measure, we’re asking all our users to change their passwords immediately."

Users are been told to change passwords immediately. And unlike LinkedIn, Last.fm says it will never email users telling them to change their passwords.

Last.fm says it is investigating the situation and it will update its millions of users via its blog and Twitter.

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