Hacking Times Square With an iPhone

Viral hoax in waiting or brilliant marketing display of the iPhone's hidden capabilities?

Watch and you decide. Maybe we are just one in an early list of sites to be duped by this bizarrely intriguing YouTube video, but we still couldn't help but watch it several times.

In a two-minute YouTube video posted on Sunday evening, BITcrash44 claims to have added a transmitter to his iPhone that allows him to take over any video screen.

If real, the trick is sure to get the attention of Apple's designers in Cupertino, Calif.

About his video, BITcrash44 writes:

the way it works is pretty simple: plug in my transmitter into the iphone 4 and play back any video clip. you can play it through the ipod feature or through the camera roll. the transmitter instantly sends the video signal to the video repeater and the video repeater overrides any video screen that it's being held next to. it doesn't matter what shape or size the hacked screen is because the hack video will simply keep its correct dimensions and the rest of the hacked space will stay black.

In Times Square, he chose some of the most famous video screens in the world to show off his technology. With just an iPhone, his transmitter, an HD camera and a little help from a red balloon, BITcrash44 creates a video that is sure to have people crying wolf.

No word if it's a comment on Apple's wave-and-pay technology (aka near-field communication).

Real or fake? You tell us.

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