Zynga Shares MC Hammer Drawings

Hammer wants to "Draw Something"

At 50, MC Hammer still has the moves.

He may not have the Z Cavaricci pants or big selling albums anymore, but Hammer still has a huge audience in his golden years - thanks largely to his embrace of social media, and social media's embrace back.

The latest example of the Oakland MC's high-tech savvy?  "Draw Something," the red-hot social game where you, you know, draw something.  Recently snagged by San Francisco game maker Zynga, "Draw Something" recently topped both the free and paid charts in the Apple App Store.

Zynga, in fact, is celebrating Hammer Time, by offering up some of the recent "DS" drawings of his fans.  They're to the left of this article.  Playful and cool, just like the former Oakland batboy-turned-rap superstar. 

Now, of course, all over the web, playing, tweeting .. and drawing.

Still legit.

Scott, also from Oakland, is on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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