Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Happy birthday Steve Jobs.

Not only did you live to see another year -- putting tabloid reports of your demise to shame -- but you will certainly make privacy-loving shareholders happy as well.

Steven Paul Jobs, the infamous CEO of Apple, turned 56 Thursday. And to celebrate his birthday, Apple leaked news of a new line of dual and quad-core MacBook Pros.

The colorful front man has been on medical leave from Apple for undisclosed health reasons.

One thing that looks certain is that despite his involvement with the development of the iPad 2, Jobs will not be at next week's Apple event, where the company is expected to pull the veil off the next generation tablet.

But with reports that he has been seen around the Bay Area, having dinner with the president and even running company meetings from his home, Jobs is probably well enough to get out and celebrate if he so chooses.

However you choose to spend the day Mr. Jobs, may you have a happy birthday and if you decide to go out in public, eat a slice of cake for the cameras. Just to throw all those paparazzo off.

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