Happy Homecoming for Stolen Pup

Pooch was stolen from South Bay woman's SUV.

 After a theft, any victim is happy to get their stolen property returned.

But one South Bay widow is absolutely thrilled because what she got back wasn't just any property -- it was her dog.

Annette Aiassa says she's so happy to have Belle, her fifteen-month-old Maltese Poodle mix, back home that her feet have barely touched the ground.

The dog's paws haven't felt much pavement either, as Aiassa seems reluctant to put her down.

"I'm happy. I haven't stopped crying all day," Aiassa told NBC Bay Area.

Aiassa's dog problem actually started as a phone problem.

She was in an AT&T store on San Jose's East Side Wednesday evening when store employees heard yelping outside.

They ran into the parking lot only to see a man, carrying Belle, jump into a waiting minivan.

Worried that she would never see Belle again, Aiassa spent the next two days posting flyers and waiting for the phone to ring -- which it did just after 10pm on Friday.

Aiassa says when she heard the news, she said,"You're kidding me! I went bananas!"

It seems a woman had walked into a police station a few hours earlier and surrendered the dog.

Aiassa says she doesn't yet know that woman's connection to the theft, or where Belle has been since Wednesday.

She's just thrilled to know where she'll be from now on.

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