Happy Meal Gets Closer to Losing Its Smile in the City

Healthy is not always fun. Just ask kids in the City who may soon not be able to play with their unhealthy fast food.

San Francisco took another step towards banning toys being given away with fast food meals. What do they want? Kids to actually eat the cardboard-esque chicken nuggets?

Actually the aim is to force fast-food restaurants, such as McDonald's, to not market unhealthy meals to youngsters. Think of it as removing the happy from the Happy Meal. Who wants to eat a simple meal in a red box without a smile?

The discussion of the ban could go before the full San Francisco Board of Supervisors as early as Oct. 19.

If passed, the legislation would still need the signature of Mayor Gavin Newsom, which may not be easy.

The mayor's press secretary said, Newsom is concerned about dictating how restaurants can and cannot market its food.

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