Happy Nude Hiking Day

[NECNMIGR] 863403.jpg
Palojono on Flickr

Now that it is officially summer there is nothing better to do than shed your clothes and go hiking in the buff. At least for some people.

With the official start of the warm season Monday, nudist and naturalist unite to take part in Naked Hiking Day.

The concept is pretty straight forward: go hiking in the buff. And it makes sense that the annual celebration of natural beauty (this is not LA after all) would take place on the first day of summer.

Could you imagine hiking up Mt. Diablo wearing nothing but what your mama gave you in December? We can't either. But if you can see yourselves on one of the thousands of Bay Area hiking trails taking part in Naked Hiking Day, you can find fellow nude hiking enthusiasts online.

Before heading out, you also might want to check to make sure nude hiking is allowed in your area. Or consulate a mirror to see if you have anything to contribute to the celebration in the first place.

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