Hayward Muralist Paints a “Field of Dreams” for Hayward Little League Players

In the movie, "Field of Dreams," an Iowa corn farmer played by Kevin Costner hears a voice whispering to him, “If you build it, they will come.” But at Hayward’s Little league baseball fields, a more fitting line would be “If you paint it, they will come.”

On Friday, Bay Area artist Andrew Kong Knight put the final touches on a mural he has painted on the Little League scoring booths at Sorensdale Park in Hayward. This mural installation includes three 15 by 30 foot murals inspired by the classic baseball movie, “Field of Dreams.” These bright, upbeat murals took five months to complete.

Knight said finishing his murals are "always bittersweet."

"They are my babies -- it's bitter because I have to say goodbye at some point and sweet in that I don't have to labor on them anymore," he said.

On Saturday, Knight is scheduled to unveil his murals at talk about their significance at Hayward’s Little League Opening Day celebration at 9:45 a.m.

East Bay residents may recognize Knight’s artwork from other Hayward murals including the “Hayward Meets Hollywood” mural, the “Hayward Movie Palace” mural, and the “Gateway to Hayward" mural.

Knight strives to create art that reflects the positive qualities of his Hayward hometown.

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