Hayward Patrol Car Stolen From Department Parking Lot

Hayward police say someone stole a squad car from the parking lot right in front of department headquarters early Friday morning.

An officer who was out in front of the station had stepped away from her car about 3 a.m., which for some reason, she had locked with the engine running, according to Sgt. Tasha DeCosta.

"The officer had been nearby the car," DeCosta said. “Somehow her attention was diverted. And someone took the opportunity and took the vehicle."

It's not clear how the thief was able to get into the car since no windows were smashed. Police used GPS tracking to find the car about 15 minutes later, abandoned elsewhere within city limits. The car was as is. And nothing was stolen. No arrests were made. Officers don't know if this person had second thoughts about keeping a stolen squad car or if they had just taken it out for a joyride.

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