HBO's ‘Silicon Valley' to Take on Sixth Season

Tiny tech startup Pied Piper apparently has a lot more life to lead — a whole season’s worth. HBO announced Thursday that it’s renewed "Silicon Valley" for a sixth season.

The show is nearly an HBO veteran, as it is currently airing its fifth season, and has become known for its satirical takes on various tech scandals, among many other things.

For example, in this season, they’ve poked fun at Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s face-off in congress by showing the company logo in faux Cyrillic letters.

However, there are still numerous other pressing issues the tech industry faces that the show could tackle, including the widespread reporting of sexual harassment in Silicon Valley.

"We talk about it [the sexual harassment cases] all the time," executive producer Alec Berg told The Hollywood Reporter last month. "The lack of hitting it head-on just comes down to the fact that we haven’t done a great job of finding the definitive satirical take on it."

The season six premiere date has not yet been announced. "Silicon Valley" airs Sundays at 7 p.m. EST on HBO.

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