‘He Just Seems Like He Doesn't Care': #Frisco5 Hunger Striker on Mayor Ed Lee

A member of the #Frisco5 spoke out against San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee moments before all members were hospitalized on Friday, the 16th day of their hunger strike.

“It’s not supposed to be where you have a mayor who’s just unaccountable, unapologetic for his police tactics, his tactics on his homeless policies,” Averi Sellassie Blackwell, 39, said in a video interview posted to YouTube by Let’s Get Political SF on Friday. “He just seems like he doesn’t care.”

Blackwell was briefly hospitalized on Wednesday before returning to the protestors’ post in front of Mission Station on Valencia Street that day. As the #Frisco5 continued their strike from an undisclosed hospital location Friday, members of the community took over San Francisco City Hall in protest, leading to arrests. 

The #Frisco5 have pledged not to eat anything until Lee fires SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, which Lee said on a phone call Thursday that he would not do.

“If you care about having a mayor who is accountable to his citizens, to his taxpayer citizens and want him to have accountability to how he treats his citizens, then you let him know by calling up his line, blowing up his line, emailing him, sending him letters,” Blackwell implored viewers. “You let him know your dissatisfaction of people in the city starving while I bet, since Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, he’s eaten a meal. Probably three a day!

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