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'He Saved a Life': BART Supervisor Pulls Man From Tracks in Dramatic Rescue

A quick-thinking BART supervisor in Oakland jumped into life-saving mode Sunday evening, pulling a man from the tracks a split second before a train was going to hit him.

Transportation Supervisor John O'Connor was at the Coliseum Station keeping an eye on the crowd following the Oakland Raiders-Detroit Lions game when the man, who was intoxicated, stumbled and fell onto the tracks as a train was approaching, according to BART.

Surveillance video released by BART showed O'Connor, who happened to be standing feet away on the platform, lunge for the man and pull him to safety just in the nick of time.

"I was just fortunate that God put me there and he got to see another day," O'Connor said Monday. "There was no time to really make a decision. I just looked and it just happened."

BART took to Twitter to commend O'Connor, writing, "He saved a life tonight. Thank you John."

Despite the praise, a humble O'Connor said he was just doing his job.

"When you look at police, fire, military, we got heroes on a daily basis. It really feels awkward to be called a hero cause it's what we're supposed to do," O'Connor said. "We're all human beings. Life is precious. Thank God he gets to see another day. We both made it."

BART rider Tony Badilla said on Twitter he was on the platform waiting for a train when he witnessed the heart-stopping rescue unfold.

"[O'Connor] was actively keeping the postgame crowd clear from danger while helping riders to their trains," Badilla said. "The positive outcome of this event is a direct result of John's attentiveness!"

Following the rescue, Badilla tweeted video showing O'Connor and the man embrace as nearby riders burst into applause.

O'Connor has worked at BART for more than 20 years, the transit agency said. Before working as a transportation supervisor, he was a train operator.

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