Health Department Ices Another Bakery

First cupcakes, now health department goes after cookies

Down on Valencia, it's no secret that Anthony's Cookies has been closed temporarily for about the last week and half.

When news of the hiatus first came out, the popular cookie spot claimed that it was on vacation "due to some minor plumbing repairs" and an "unforeseen delay with [its] construction."

Given a similar sudden vacation just up the road at Mission Minis, the excuse seemed a bit fishy, no?

Fun fact: as it turns out, Anthony's was hit with a cease-and-desist order from the Health Department too, due to the simple fact that it was operating without the proper permits, didn't go through a plan check, and you know, health permits are required to operate food businesses.

Per Eater sources at the DOH, Anthony's fortunately submitted all the paperwork the day after the shutdown, and has been compliant in getting the proper permits, meaning it should be back sooner than later. But the lesson here? Restaurants, get your permits.

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