Heat Sparks Bay Area's Allergy Season

The Bay Area's mini heat wave is causing people with pollen allergies to feel discomfort

You may need a truckload of tissues in the next two weeks as allergy season officially kicked into high gear.

This week hundreds of people in the Bay Area poured in allergists offices .

Paul Rogers, who works in construction says his symptoms are making him miserable.

“I have a lot of congestion. I take antihistamines and nasal spray but it seems like the allergies are exceptionally bad this year ,” said Rogers.

He’s right. Many allergists say we’re seeing a high pollen count this season. The late rains have helped plants produce more pollen, add sunshine and wind and you have a perfect storm for your sinuses.

At South Bay Asthma and Associates in San Jose Dr. Theodore Chu says our recent sun and heat is causing the flowers to push pollen out and it gets into the air .

"For people with allergies hot windy days are the worst days you can have," Chu said.

But allergies can be treated. “The treatment options are antihistamines like Zyrtec or you may need to go to the doctor to get a prescription nasal spray ,“ said Dr. Chu.

He has a special pollen catcher and personally studies the active pollens in the South Bay. He says right now pollens from grasses, oak trees and mulberry trees are causing the most discomfort  for people with allergies.

He also says the pollens from grasses are going to make you feel even worse the next two weeks.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, San Jose was  named the 78th worst city for spring allergies in the nation. San Francisco was ranked  83rd worst. 

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