Alameda County

Heat Postpones Horse Racing at Alameda County Fair

Triple-digit temperatures in the East Bay prompted the Alameda County Fair to postpone one of its most popular events Wednesday.

Thursday's opening day for horse racing at the fair was pushed back to Friday, officials said, to keep the horses safe.

For now, the horses are limited to training in the early morning.

"They're off the track by 10 a.m.," fair spokesperson Angel Moore said. "Now they're resting getting, ready for opening day. The forecast is 105 degrees. We're trying to make sure horses and jockeys are safe.

Organizers say they've had hot days at the fair in the past, but not on race days.

Fairgoers were feeling the heat too. There are misting stations and paramedics on hand, and they've treated 15 to 20 people each day so far, many for heat exhaustion.

"Heat-related illness will sneak up on you," said Jim Hoskins of the Alameda County Fire Department. "Stay covered, drink water, wear hats."

Fair organizers said everyone needs to make sure they're taking breaks from the heat.

"Especially children and elderly," Moore said. "They get here and want to keep going. But take a break for safety purposes."

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