Heat Wave Has Fire Crews On Alert, Contain Brush Fire in Mount Tamalpais

High temperatures throughout the Bay Area have fire crews on alert and residents looking for ways to escape the heat.

Fire crews rushed to battled a brush fire Sunday in Mount Tamalpais where they were able to contain the flames to less than an acre.

"The hotter and dryer the weather is, the higher the chance you can have a catastrophic fire," Scott Pedersen from the Marin County Fire said. "We’re lucky right now it’s early in the season, our fuel moistures are lower than they could be, so we were able to catch this fire at a small size."

Witnesses said the smoke could be seen for miles from the top of the mountain.

"We were up at the mountain play, and we could see down from the road, we could see a bunch of smoke rising from quite a distance, it looks like probably a couple miles," witness Leon Bloomfield said.

Some residents here were without power for a couple hours as PG&E cut it off power as a safety precaution.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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