Heat Wave to Continue Through Mother's Day

Near record warmth continues

The Bay Area is getting a taste of summer this week with near-record temperatures. Highs in the 90s are possible again Tuesday in the inland valleys. 

The heat wave will continue through the weekend, which could be the hottest weekend of the year so far. The forecast shows the hottest day in the extended period is Sunday, which means Mother's Day is going to be a scorcher. Think shade if you are planning an outdoor event with Mom.

The heat is also making it rough on allergy sufferers. Because of late-season rain, plants and trees are just now in full bloom. This week's added sunshine creates the perfect storm when it comes to sinuses. Pollen counts are high already and medical experts say it will get worse before it gets better.

Dr. Theodore Chu of Mountain View has a special pollen catcher and personally studies the active pollens in the South Bay. He says right now that pollens from grasses, and oak and mulberry trees are causing the most discomfort  for those with allergies. 

There will be a slight dip in temperature on Wednesday, when an on-shore flow will provide some natural air conditioning.

Things should heat back up Thursday with a steady wave of high temperatures that will last all the way through the five-day  forecast.

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