Help Needed: Industries Searching for Workers

NBC Universal, Inc.

If you're looking for a job right now, your timing couldn't be better.

Almost every industry says it can't find enough people for the jobs that are available.

Right now, there are more open jobs in America than at any other time in history.

At Oren's Hummus, they're busy, but they have to close early because they don't have enough employees.

"A lot of our students going back to college as of this month," Oren's Hummus CEO Mistie Boulton said. "We're now looking and trying to reach out to interview candidates. We're even doing a $500 hiring bonus and we still can't capture people."

Many pandemic-related home projects and a slowdown in permitting have left contractors busier than ever, but they're having trouble finding the workers needed to get it done.

"Now, a day to three days turned into a three, four, sometimes even six or eight week project timeline from a planning perspective, not even the actual construction," said Nathan Weizmann, co-owner of Wise Builders.

Add in tech companies seeing record sales and you have a giant help wanted sign across the Bay Area and the country.

"So, essentially you just basically had a supply and demand problem for workers to help support the demand that was coming because people were flooding restaurants, travel, hotels, everything," Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin said.

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