Here We Go: The Facebook IPO

Silicon Valley giant ready to sell stock

Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

After eight years, Facebook, born in a Harvard dorm room, is ready for the world.

The stock market world, that is.

Rarely has "going public" meant less to a company:  Most companies sell stock, and get discovered in the process.  Facebook is already pretty much the most public company in the world.  Their stock sales will make lots of people very, very wealthy.

The company is not going the traditional route, either - instead of opening the NASDAQ marketplace in New York, Facebookers -- led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg -- will ring a virtual NASDAQ bell on their Menlo Park campus.

It should be fun and we will be there live Friday tweeting and streaming live Qik video, which you can view right here.

Scott will report and tweet live from Facebook HQ.  You can follow updates on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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