Here's What's Going to Happen to Some of BART's Legacy Cars

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BART's legacy cars won't all just disappear once the transit agency's Fleet of the Future takes over. Some of the old cars will be repurposed in creative ways.

The transit agency recently announced that eight groups have been selected to receive a legacy car in the coming months. Those select recipients, which had to submit a proposal detailing how they planned to use a car, have decided on an array of second life opportunities, ranging from an arcade to a museum piece.

"These cars are iconic to the Bay Area and to the people that not only live in the Bay Area now, but grew up riding these BART cars," Brian Tsukamoto, Manager of Special Projects – Decommissioning at BART said in a statement. "We’d like to see them given a new life. We’d like to see them repurposed and have people continue to enjoy these cars."

The Oakland A's plan to convert their legacy car into a bar at the Oakland Coliseum. It will be the centerpiece of a beer garden, with A's memorabilia inside.

"The interior would commemorate A’s history, and BART as an extension of it, through memorabilia, historical photographs, old jerseys, [and] autographed bats and balls," according to the team's proposal.

The Hayward Fire Department and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District plan to use their cars for training exercises.

A group of private residents has plans to turn their car into a living space – specifically a "metaphoric train station that blends the space age-modern esthetics of BART and a cozy cabin" – in the Sierra foothills.

To see what the other recipients plan to do with their legacy cars, visit BART's website.

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