San Jose

'Hey Google, Affordable Housing Now': Protesters Erect Tents Outside San Jose Convention Center

Protesters erected tents outside San Jose McEnery Convention Center Tuesday morning to voice their concerns about how the proposed "Google village" near downtown could contribute to the housing crisis.

Some signs on the tents read "Hey Google, affordable housing now," and "Are your Google ad dollars leading to homelessness?"

Demonstrators gathered outside the convention center where Google was hosting its marketing conference, Google Marketing Live, to urge to company to "help solve the housing crisis that the expansion of google and other companies like it has pushed in San Jose," said one protester Jeffrey Buchanan.

Buchanan said it has been a year since Google announced its eight million square feet of office space project around San Jose's Diridon Station, but the Mountain View-based tech giant has yet to make a single commitment to invest in the community's affording housing.

On Monday, San Jose officials approved the construction of an office complex that would house 5,000 employees near downtown, Mercury News reported.

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