Hidden, Loaded Shotgun Found by Kids at Santa Rosa Elementary School

Police on Wednesday retrieved a shotgun hidden at a Santa Rosa elementary school.

Kids at a summer camp program at Lincoln Elementary School reported seeing the weapon on Tuesday. Police said the shotgun was loaded and could have easily hurt someone.

The kids were looking for marbles that apparently rolled under the building and saw what they thought was a gun, police said. Cops retrieved the weapon on Wednesday morning and suspect gang members in the area stashed it at the school.

"You often see these community guns, or hood guns as they're called, that are left in these areas," said John Cregan of the Santa Rosa Police Department  "Gang members can use them at a time when a rival gang member comes into their area."

This is not the first time stashed guns were uncovered in Santa Rosa. Police said earlier this year a duffle bag found at Rincon Valley Park had three loaded weapons inside.

Community guns are stashed in cities all over the Bay Area where gangs have a foothold, according to police.

A gang prevention task force is now working in the neighborhood. Police plan to hold events in August where the gun was found.

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