@HiddenCash's Last Stop in Bay Area: NBC Bay Area Studios

Whoever's behind the @HiddenCash giveaway frenzy on Twitter had the last laugh Wednesday when he sent a bunch of people at the NBC Bay Area studios into a tizzy over hidden cash in their own parking lot.

@HiddenCash has been hiding cash all over San Francisco and San Jose over the last few days, sending out fun, almost riddle-like tweets to help with the hunt.

Hiding spots included the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, a fire hydrant across from the SAP Center in San Jose, and on Wednesday afternoon @HiddenCash tweeted that the latest drop was right outside the NBC Bay Area studios on North First Street in San Jose.

"Couldn't help do one last one before leaving town, MEDIA will love this one. There's lots of green in these bushes," @HiddenCash tweeted at 1:58 p.m.

Within seconds, NBC Bay Area content producer Gracinda Carvalho was out in the parking lot searching for the cash. She found it with ease.

"It was right there in the bush, just like in the picture," she said. "It's like a fun scavenger hunt. I feel lucky, especially since I've got a vacation coming up."

Carvalho said that she had been following @HiddenCash closely all day and she saw the clue as soon as it popped up on her monitor.

"Today was just so stressful ... This was really amazing," she said smiling.

NBC Bay Area was the third media outlet to be involved in the @HiddenCash drama this week: A KGO radio web producer found some cash on Wednesday and an employee of Mix 106.5 FM found cash Thursday.

@HiddenCash told Bay Area that they stopped by the studio on their way to Los Angeles -- their next stop for some more action.

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