High-Paying Jobs Have the Most Available Positions: Report

It is no secret that living in the Bay Area can be expensive.

Solution? Get a higher paying job. Sounds easy, right? Well, turns out it is.

Glassdoor has recently announced that high-paying jobs are not hard to find, in fact, they’re often the ones with the most available positions.

Added, "While you might first need to develop a special set of skills or pursue a particular degree, there are many in-demand jobs with high salaries that are only increasing by the minute as employers struggle to fill them with qualified candidates."

Below are top paying jobs with the most openings, according to Glassdoor.

At the top of the list is Project Manager, according to the job website, there are about 150,000 open jobs nation-wide with a median base salary of $80,854. Though a college degree is not required to obtain this job title, many project managers have bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Also listed is a physician assistant at a median base salary of $106,873 with about 43,000 job openings.

A software engineer, a popular job title in the Bay Area, is also on the list with about 185,000 job openings at a median base salary of $104,463. According to Glassdoor, "this field is only expected to get hotter."

Marketing manager positions are also popular with about 88,000 openings with a median base salary of $80,673.

Though No. 5 on the list requires attending a 2-year graduate program, being a nurse practitioner pays off. According to Glassdoor, there are about 182,000 openings with a median base salary of $117,298.

A business analyst often helps companies improve profits, productivity and efficiency. There are about 115,000 openings with a median base salary of $70,170.

With about 145,000 job openings at a median base salary of $69,303, operations managers "are tasked with ensuring that businesses are running smoothly."

According to Glassdoor, "In order to become an Occupational Therapist, you must earn both a bachelor’s degree and enroll in a two-year master’s program where you learn about anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic technology and patient care and communication." There are reportedly about 24,000 open positions with a median base salary $77,020.

It is not rare to find electrical engineers in the Silicon Valley. Glassdoor reported about 175,000 job openings with a median base salary of $83,088.

Last but not least on the list is a product manager, not to be confused with a project manager. With about 151,000 job openings with a median base salary of $108,978, Glassdoor reports that "product managers aren’t always required to have technical skills, it never hurts to have a solid background in development."

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