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High Profile Retail Executives Testify in Elizabeth Holmes Trial

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It's not just about the lab anymore.

Tuesday's testimony in the Elizabeth Holmes trial was about retail stores and Theranos technology.

Jurors heard from two high-profile retail executives about how they were swayed by Holmes to invest hundreds of millions of dollars because of Theranos.

First, former Safeway CEO Steven Burd, who testified that his chain planned to put 969 mini-labs into Safeway stores to house Theranos machines.

Ultimately that deal fell through because Safeway could not verify the Theranos tests.

Former Walgreens Chief Financial Officer Wade Miquelon also took the stand, testifying that he spoke often with Holmes and Sunny Balwani about a deal to put Thernaos machines into Walgreens stores, saying he believed Holmes when she talked about all the partnerships Theranos had already signed.

NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman has more on the trial in the vide report above.

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