High Speed Rail Board May Get the Ax

The folks who oversee California's high-speed rail project may soon be out of a job. If only the work had been completed faster, we could have run them out of town on a rail.

A Democrat from Long Beach has introduced legislation that would replace the board with people who have less of a financial stake in the project. Under his legislation, the board members would have less than a year to give up their posts, according to the CC Times.

The new board would need to be comprised of industry experts, such as an environmental planner and construction attorney, rather than its current makeup of political insiders.

It'll take months for lawmakers to consider the ramifications of the bill, so there's plenty of time for you to get your resume in order if you'd like a shot at managing the future of California transportation.

No matter who winds up building it, it's clear that California needs an alternative to cars and highways.

On Tuesday, a school bus full of kids narrowly avoided serious injuries as part of a crash in Windsor. A crash on the 101 caused a motorist to flee on foot. And Hayward is working hard to replace dangerous streets with car-free pedestrian areas.

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