CES Buzz: OLED Technology

High-tech, including a pillow with speakers, is being featured at the Consumer Electronics Show

 As expected, most of the spotlight at this year's CES is shining on the big devices. Just hours after Samsung and LG teased us with giant screens boasting what's being called "4K," a much sharper than HD picture, Sony outdid all the other TV makers with a prototype 4K TV that also comes with something called OLED technology.


Yes, it's a buzzword here at CES this year, it stands for Organic Lite Emitting Diode, and the whole thing has to be seen to be believed. Even our TV cameras can't do it justice, because you're watching at home on a TV that isn't 65 inches, with OLED and 4K. Don't worry, there's not a test afterward, and so far, the Sony model, which will cost you as much as a car, is not out yet.

But after all the hype over the giant TVs, a much smaller, less expensive piece of technology just might steal the show. A steady line of consumers and reporters wanted to check out a pillow. Not just any pillow, but a pillow with speakers inside.

It's a "why didn't I think of that?" product from Brookstone. Two wireless speakers inside your pillow, so you can watch TV while your partner sleeps. Deceptively simple, it's just what many couples would love to have.  It's expected to hit the market in the spring (just in time for Mother's and Father's Day), and will probably cost about $130. 

Why is it such a hit? Maybe because, unlike the giant television sets, we can all imagine something as simple, yet helpful, as speakers tucked inside a pillow (still comfy, by the way). Also, the pillows don't cost an arm and a leg.

But they may save your arms and legs .. As your significant other gets a good night's sleep.

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