Higher Health Standards for Contra Costa County Food Trucks

A new color plaque regulation rolled out this week holding Contra Costa County food trucks to higher health standards.

The three-color plaque system is similar to what normal food venues in the county are held to.

Green indicates the inspector found minimal to no health violations, yellow means a violation is in process to be addressed and red indicated a closed operation for infestation or other hazards.

The program, which is under Contra Costa Environmental Health (CCEH), only involves food trucks that cater or sell prepared food like burgers, coffee or other items.

"It’s good, we follow compliance for the county and for the consumer," said Ivan Téllez, owner of Concord food truck Canasta. "When a consumer comes to the window, they see our placard 'it’s safe to eat with you guys.'"

About 200 food trucks are regulated by the CCEH. They say the new plaque system is just another way of keeping all that delicious food safe.

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