Nail’em App Shows Highest Number of Illegal Fireworks Reported in San Jose and Oakland

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Thousands turned to a new app to let police know about illegal fireworks in their neighborhood during the Fourth of July.

The Nail’em app collects photos, details and geolocations from users of illegal fireworks before routing them to the appropriate police department.

Dennis C. Revell, the president and CEO of Revell Communications said it received the highest concentration of reports in the Bay Area from the cities of San Jose and Oakland, as well as the multiple jurisdictions covered by the Alameda County Fire Department.

The app over the last five weeks received 8,063 illegal fireworks usage or sales reports across California, Revell said.

The app was created last year by TNT Fireworks to free up 911 lines from repeated calls and make reporting illegal fireworks easier for those near the activity.

In its beta year, Revell said the app collected 1,500 reports. It was recently redesigned ahead of Fourth of July this year.

TNT Fireworks is the largest wholesale distributor of "safe and sane" fireworks in the state of California. Its app is available in iTunes or the Play Store.

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