San Mateo County

Highway 101 Express Lane Construction Triggers Overnight Lane Closures

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Heads up if your commute takes you on Highway 101 along the Peninsula. You could soon come across some lane closures as workers build new express lanes.

The closures between Whipple Avenue in Redwood City and Interstate 380 in South San Francisco will take place Sunday through Thursday nights from 9 p.m. until 5:30 a.m., but motorists should prepare for delays through 6 a.m.

"As long as it doesn't spill over too much and they can kind of clear things out by like 6 [a.m.] then that shouldn't be a problem," commuter Rick Bentley said. "Once it gets past 7, 8, 9, it's really, really difficult."

Caltrans said the project will create 22 miles of express lanes along northbound and southbound Highway 101 through San Mateo County.

Construction, which is set to start this Sunday night, is expected to take about two years to complete.

"They say it's two years," commuter Misty Cox said. "It will likely be longer just because any construction project is going to take longer."

The goal is to reduce traffic congestion and improve commute times.

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