Highway 17

Watch: Bobcat Spotted Using New Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing

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A new wildlife crossing underneath a known trouble spot along Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains appears to be working.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County said earlier this month it has found evidence of wood rats, squirrels, deer and grey foxes using the crossing at Laurel Curve. The land trust also shared video footage of a bobcat strolling along the dirt path – footage that was captured less than an hour after the camera was installed at the crossing.

"It was incredibly exciting to see that wildlife of all sizes are using the tunnel," the land trust said in a statement.

The Laurel Curve wildlife crossing is located roughly three miles south of Summit Road. Prior to the installation of the crossing, roughly 50% of Highway 17 vehicle vs. wildlife collisions happened at the curve, according to the land trust.

Mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, skunks and deer were regularly struck on that stretch of highway.

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