East Bay

Highway 680 Near Sunol Expected to be Closed Into Easter Morning

A major highway project in the East Bay will force the closure of an interstate for the entire night Saturday and into Easter morning.

Crews will stop traffic in both directions along Interstate Highway 680 near Sunol right after midnight and the shutdown is expected to last until 9 a.m as workers remove an overpass at Sheridan Road.

"Everybody is going to take a back road, and all backroads come to this side," said Adel Algazali from the Sunol Super Foor Mart. "There’s no way they can go anywhere."

The project manager said they will break up the overpass into large pieces and put it in holding area where it will then be broken down over the coming days into smaller pieces and hauled out of there by a truck.

Those planning to drive through the area overnight or early Sunday morning are recommended to use 580, 880 or 238 to get around the major construction work.

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