San Francisco

Hillary Clinton's Bay Area Supporters Believe She Represents ‘Great Opportunity' for ‘Great Change'

Hillary Clinton made another pit stop in the Bay Area Wednesday.

The former Secretary of State attended a private fundraiser in San Francisco, where she was introduced by actress Jamie Lee Curtis. NBC Bay Area learned that Clinton spoke for about 30 minutes at the event, which cost $500 to enter. However, guests who wanted to speak with the democratic frontrunner and take a photograph with her were asked to shell out $27,000.

Wednesday’s lunch at the Westin Hotel drew several hundred supporters, some of whom said Clinton spoke about the economy, global warming and gun control.

Clinton “got a standing ovation,” said supporter Gilda Gonzalez. “I think people are tired of the gun lobbying having such a great influence. She poses a great opportunity for us to see great change.”

This week’s Bay Area visit comes just a day after Republicans on a House Committee released an 80-page report on the 2012 Benghazi attack, which was critical of both Clinton and President Obama and lax security measures that were in place at the time.

Anne Stevens, the sister of Chris Stevens, the Bay Area ambassador who was among those killed during the attack, spoke out Wednesday.

In an interview with New Yorker magazine, she said, “I do not blame Hillary Clinton or Leon Panetta. The Benghazi mission was understaffed. We know that now.”

People who attended Wednesday’s fundraiser said Clinton didn’t comment on the Benghazi report, but did address Tuesday’s deadly terrorist attack in Istanbul.

We “need to work on reducing terrorism worldwide,” Gonzalez said.

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