Donald Trump

Bill Clinton Given a Warm Welcome at East County Elementary School

Hillary Clinton supporters came out to see her husband on the stump in Antioch Monday, the day before the California primary that could win her enough delegates to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

Former President Bill Clinton told the crowd that his wife is the only candidate "with proven ability to get the Republicans to work with her to get stuff done in a bipartisan Congress.”

Clinton also told the crowd at Marsh Elementary School to beware of Donald Trump's rhetoric.

“Really listen to this, ‘Make America great again.’ That’s a code word. I’m a white Southerner I know," he said, provoking knowing laughs from the Democratic die-hards who stood in the sun to hear him speak.

Hillary fans weren't moved by Bernie Sanders' calls for free college because they don't think he can

"I think he has unrealistic expectations about that whole college thing. There’s no way that’s ever going to happen. Even though it’d be nice. It sounds good!" said Cathie Murphy.

"Yeah, it'd be nice. It sounds good," her daughter Becky Murphy chimed in.

“Bernie? I believe he’s too old. I don’t think he has the experience that Hillary does," she said. Becky Murphy explained that she recently registered to vote for the first time and tuned in to the political debate because she was upset by Trump's polarizing statements.

At age 4, Madison Alexander is too young to vote, but she and her grandmother stood patiently at the end of the line of Clinton supporters that snaked up the road and onto an overpass over Highway 4.

She waved a tiny American flag at the cars whizzing by below.

"I know she won't remember this, but I want her to see a former president and know that Hillary's running," said her grandmother Jeannie Austin.

Robert Camacho wore sunglasses with the Hillary campaign logo on them as he led the crowd in chants borrowed from Golden State Warriors fans.

"I'm wearing shades because the future is so much brighter with Hillary," said Camacho. "A lot of my friends are Bernie supporters. We disagree on certain issues. But after tomorrow, when Hillary takes the nomination, we all have to unite. Because Trump in the White House would be a disaster."

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