Hills be Damned, San Franciscans Like Their Bikes

Maybe the City should stop trying to figure out how to fix Muni and invest in the hot hand.

Bicycling is up in San Francisco, according to a study reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

In fact bike-riding is up a lot in the City. The report says San Franciscans are bicycling 58 percent more than they did in 2006.

Back then there were about 5,500 annual bike trips, where as this year there have already been 8,713 this year.

The study could add more fuel to the fire that San Francisco needs safer access for bikes to get around the City.
For its part, the City has tried to encourage drivers to ditch their cars and either get on public transportation or get on a bike. San Francisco is also working on a plan to add 34 miles of bike lanes across the City in the next four years.

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