“Hire Me” Man Takes Job Hunt to Streets

Chris Adams was laid off three months ago but hasn't had success finding work the old-fashioned way, so he's taking his job search to the streets.

Dressed in a suit and tie, Adams was seen standing on the corner of Alhambra Boulevard and H Street by McKinley Park on Thursday morning holding a sign that reads, "Hire Me."

Adams said he has applied for more than 410 jobs online.

The newly engaged man is looking for a position in sales.

"I will take pretty much anything, anything right now that makes sense and will pay the bills," Adams said.

Adams said he would be back with his sign and copies of his resume on Thursday evening and Friday morning, hoping to catch the attention of business owners who live in East Sacramento and work downtown.

Not only is he worried about the costs of his upcoming wedding, Adams said he is close to foreclosure on his home.

"I've just been struggling through with my savings and scraping by," Adams said.

He spends eight to 12 hours each day looking for jobs in person and online.

Adams said that his fiancé, who is working, helped him make the sign.

The past three months have been the longest he's been without a job since he was 15, Adams said.

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