Holiday Planning During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Holidays will look and feel different this year. Though the pandemic will likely prevent parents and kids from swarming the street for Halloween, some families are decorating, keeping their spirits positive.

“If it were today I think we’d stay in,” said Michael Hadd from San Jose. “The downside is too much and the upside is not enough. I’ll put it that way.”

On Tuesday, the California Secretary of Health and Human Services said trick-or-treating will be discouraged and says the state will put out guidelines for Halloween soon.  

As for other Holidays focused on meals, like Thanksgiving, UCSF’s Dr. Peter Chin-Hong says ways to lower your risk include:

  • Have only one family make and serve the food.
  • Have the one or two families outside of your social pod -- sit far apart.
  • Eat outside or in a ventilated room.

While the guidelines are more grey, those planning to see an older parent, should try to get tested.

“It will give a lot of people reassurance even though it’s not a perfect test, because you could potentially get exposed the day of the test,” he said.

San Jose’s Christmas in the Park, a downtown event for tens of thousands with ice skating and rides, is shifting to a drive-thru version at History Park in San Jose.

Tickets start at $10 a car, and you have to make a reservation. The non-profit says it will make up for the drastic loss in revenue.

“Minus the fact right now we’re not allowed to have any vendors, but we’re adding a lot to the event,” said Jason Minsky, executive director of Christmas in the Park. “The event is going to consist of the normal Christmas in the Park tradition of trees and animated displays.”

There’s an option to also pay for another family. Minsky says they are working with community organizations so everyone can enjoy the experience.

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