Pete Suratos

Last Home on Eroding Pacifica Cliff Demolished

A crew on Thursday demolished the final home still standing on an infamous eroding cliff in Pacifica.

The home on the west side of Esplanade Avenue is one of several structures that have been torn down due to continuous erosion over the years.

Melissa McConnel and her husband purchased the home about 10 years ago. They tried to save it last year by sliding it about 20 feet away from the cliff, but their efforts were not enough. 

"We literally, from the ground up, rebuilt the inside except we took it down to the studs and left the studs," McConnel said.

The cliff in question has been eroding for several years as the result of powerful storms and King Tides. 

One neighbor said the demolition of the final home along the 500 block of Esplanade Avenue was in the best interest of the community.

"It needed to come down," Jacquie Fry said. "It's dangerous. I don't want to see anything going sliding down into the ocean."

McConnel and her husband plan to move to Contra Costa County following Thursday's emotional farewell. 

"It's the memories that are happy even though this is sad," she said. "It'll be different tonight when it gets dark and I'm thinking about it."

The property where the house once stood was sold to the city of Pacifica last year. It will now be incorporated into a new trail.

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