Chris Chmura

Home Mail Delivery Halted For Six Weeks


In April, the letter carrier wasn’t the only one who opened the mailboxes at the New Horizons condo complex.

Thieves forced open the mailboxes and destroyed the locks.

Resident John Shirley stood before the mailboxes and pointed to banks of them.

"This was open, and this was open, and this was open," he said.

Mail service stopped.

Instead of picking up letters steps from their condos, residents like Sue Alexander were required to drive to the post office to get their mail.

"Seeing as how I have a cane because I have a pinched nerve, it was really a hassle," she said.

Shirley was ticked, too. He reached out to us after the boxes sat unrepaired for a month and a half.

“We had to go pick up mail for six weeks," Shirley said. "It was six weeks when I said, 'I have got to do something.'"

We reached out to the Postal Service. Within two days, it delivered. The boxes were fixed.

In a statement, a post office spokesman acknowledged the residents’ frustration.

"The work was not done as expeditiously as our customers wanted," he said. "We had the work order in queue with our maintenance department, along with many others."

Alexander doesn’t buy a coincidence in timing.

She believes the call from NBC Bay Area Responds prompted action.

"So, thanks to you," Alexander said.

The post office told us it puts repairs in a "priority queue" and makes "every attempt to expedite repairs."

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