Home Security Cameras Capture Daytime Burglary in San Jose

A network of neighborhood home security cameras is providing helpful information to San Jose detectives investigating a mid-morning home burglary that happened last week.

The video is shocking because of how forceful the two burglars were while breaking into the home in San Jose’s Ruskin neighborhood.

On the victim’s home security camera the burglars can be seen – and heard -- making multiple attempts to kick down the door.

“You got it?”

“Yeah I got it.”

“Oh…this is hard bro.”

“Want me to do it?”


On the second attempt the suspects were able to gain entry into the home.

“I was very shocked when I saw the video,” the victim, who did not want to be named, told NBC Bay Area. “But one thing I was glad is that my kids were not home, no one was home at that time.”

Her doorbell camera captured clear video of two men running at the door, with a white sedan waiting at the curb. Several other homes on her block also have security cameras aimed at the street.

Video from a different camera shows the same white four-door sedan driving up and down the street last Wednesday morning.

“I’m pretty sure that my house was targeted by them for a while because as soon as my roommate left, three minutes later, they broke in,” she said.

After breaking into the home, video shows the two suspects open the garage door and drive the white sedan in to load it up with stolen items. Five minutes later they can be seen leaving.

San Jose detectives are asking anyone with information about the men or the vehicle in the video to call police.

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